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Resonant Leadership
Heuristics, Our Built in Shortcut Mechanism

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Resonant Leadership
What Exactly is Emotional Intelligence?

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Trauma Informed
The Importance of Trauma Informed Workplaces

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stop WOKE Act will actually hurt the marketplace

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Why Your Employees May Want to Stick Around

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Our Courses

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for Faith Leaders

Create lasting and sustainable change for your church or organization.

Intro to Resonant Leadership

Use Emotional Intelligence to become a Resonant Leader

Anti-Trafficking for Faith Leaders

A community healing model for leaders within the Anti-Trafficking movement

Parenting After Deconstruction

Create sustainable, age-appropriate spiritual practices for your kids

Testimonials SECTION

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Taking the Intro to Resonant Leadership Course really opened my eyes to the need for this course - the principles are largely not talked about within organizations of influence, but these topics are so essential to discuss if we're going to create safe places for folks.

Leah Gallear-Ouimet
Student Intro to Resonant Leadership

Intro to Resonant Leadership was a course I didn't know I needed! I went into this course with little understanding of the importance of healthy leadership and how it affects all facets of an organization. What makes this course so unique and impactful is the ability to discuss ideas that most organizations never discuss

Jeremy Ray
Student Intro to Resonant Leadership